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We provide front-end design services as part of our full-service custom metal fabrication offering. Our team will meet and consult with the owner to understand their goals and requirements for the project. We will then provide a variety of recommended drawings with the project requirements and give a list of materials for your project. If you know what you need for your project but are not sure how to get there, our team can develop your concept into a certified specification. We have experience from completing many steel fabrication projects over the years with a client-centric, top-quality approach.

Why Choose Our Service?

If your custom metal fabrication project requires more specifications and constraints, we can also work with professional engineers from other disciplines to make sure we do everything right. It is fundamental to get the design right as mistakes are very expensive to correct. We must identify constraints early. We narrow all regulations down, and the design must ensure compliance. We will work with you to review and approve of shop drawings before any metal is cut.

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